FREE delivery within the EU (UPS), 1 year warranty ✅
FREE delivery within the EU (UPS), 1 year warranty ✅
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About us

Used-djgear originated from our own experience as DJs: new professional DJ gear is very expensive and the risk of buying it second hand is quite big. In the past, as DJs, we often had the situation where we bought second hand DJ gear and afterwards it turned out to have a lot of defects. We want to spare you this negative experience.

At used-djgear, all equipment is selected, cleaned, checked and reconditioned with great care. All gear is packed shockproof and shipped throughout Europe. The delivery time is 1-5 working days. We ship via Bpost, PostNL and UPS. All our gear comes with a 1 year guarantee, so you are 100% sure that you will enjoy your gear for a long time.

- Jonas G.
Founder used-djgear